Why are you still single?

There are some questions we just don’t want to be asked. I can imagine having a fun conversation and then immediately getting bitch slapped with “why are you still single?”

What I’ll do, is to shrug it off without any genuine thought and come back with a face-saving answer like – “I am too awesome”.
While I may really be too awesome, there is no correlation between my singleness and awesomeness.

So whoever has been asked about being single before most likely lied the first four times, until they got to the main reasons. In truth, it is very odd and sometimes unbelievable these days to pass yourself off as single, especially if you are physically appealing.

There’s a certain air of underachievement that quickly envelops your microclimate once you start to examine yourself for being single, and most people would rather not be a part of that weather. So I decided to find out the major reasons for those people.


You are haunted by ghosts of a previous relationship

Most people who are over 25 years have experienced a breakup. Some people walk away from the broken pieces, while some other keep and live with all the echoes of a past relationship. It’s very difficult to have a relationship if you constantly compare your current partner to an Ex. You don’t cook well like Ada, Ada used to order pizza on Fridays, Ada likes when I call her from work etc.
No girl or guy will be with you if you constantly draw such comparisons.

looking for the one
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You are looking for “the one”

Love is true, Love is real, Love is amazing, but Love is not like the movies. It’s not kissing in the rain or some long stare into his/her soul.
It’s more like fighting for bed space, or blanket and who gets to throw the trash away. So the idea that there’s one person in all of the world for you is plain ridiculous.

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You are afraid of losing your independence

Most people I know are really self-sufficient. If you left them in alone in a desert for a year, they would probably survive, although at a high cost of emotional/social detachment.
This is a real problem why a lot of people find it difficult to settle and be happy with a partner. The thought of someone in your personal space most of the time, asking you foreign questions, and reprogramming your daily life is so freaky!

Just do it anyway, we’re all wired to be social beings.

You play “hard to get” too well.

This one is especially true for the ladies. There is no harm in playing hard to get, in fact, I would advise most girls to put up a little bit of resistance.
The problem lies in the reason why they play hard to get. If you’re just playing hard to get for the sake of it, then that’s just wrong. On the other hand, you should want to know the guy a little more without becoming Sherlock Holmes or give him just enough sweat to appreciate your value.

fake lives

You live a fake/high maintenance life.

Do you know anyone that introduces himself/herself to you as “slayingquin4399 from Ig” or “Kingbossgoldcash10”?

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Today you’re in Dubai chilling with bae, tomorrow you’re in Paris for croissants. All the boutiques around you can testify to your window shopping abilities, especially because you have a guy who follows you around dressed like a slave wielding a professional camera. The thing with fake lifestyles is that you can only attract fake friends and relationships.

Clean up your act.

judge judy

You judge every book by their cover

Many people these days due to genuine reasons or pure laziness never get time to go out and socialize, hence they hug any potential dates they can find on social media. The problem with this is that competition is very high, and most people would rather not have that conversation at that time with you. When a lady slides into your DM she’s probably desperate, and when a guy slides in, he’s ugly or a player, or has no game or is not your type.  You knew this by ignoring his “Hello”. Congratulations, you now qualify to be Judge Judy’s personal assistant.

Please reply that DM. A two minutes conversation is enough to let you decide.

sherlock holmes

You are more investigative than Sherlock Holmes.

Curiosity they said, killed the cat.
It’s ok to be very interested in the affairs of your date or potential date, but some people run background checks, FBI check, dog sniffing test, are you a cheater test, are you greedy test, is he/she good in bed test, why am I still typing test….

So really, why are you still single?

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