Walk the work – Atiku

Atiku aims a sly dig at President Buhari: I will work, not walk.

What’s the story?

After yesterday’s Heroics when President Buhari walked 800m to his place, Atiku responded with a Jibe on twitter saying; “I regularly jog more than a mile and exercise, but it will be pedestrian of me to ask Nigerians to vote for me because of that, I want my party, the PDP, and Nigerians to vote for me because I WORK not because I WALK. I will work to create jobs. I won’t walk to create an illusion.”

Does it affect me?

Not really. Or maybe you want to pay attention to petty politiking, then yes. The former vice president of Nigeria who is also contesting for the 2019 presidential election has been openly vocal in criticizing the current government, and while he is yet to win the PDP party ticket for 2019, most Nigerians are not impressed with him as a candidate. It’s also fair to say his tweet wasn’t well received.

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