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Ten Commandments Of Success In Adulthood

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I spent my formative years in the Christian faith, besides, it is so pervasive in culture one cannot escape from it. Like MTN, it is everywhere you go. So you will have to be patient with my use of the Bible in this piece.

Many people live to see the privilege of joining the ranks of adults and take on the duties that come with it. If you’re among, be grateful, not fearful. The Christian God is one of structure and principle and to put man on the right way set by Him. In Exodus 20, He gave man the famous list of 10 do’s and don’ts to guide his path. Tragedies I went through culminated in a series of events that saw me handling issues I should have dealt with later on in my late teens or early twenties. These experiences have helped shaped my views today. Based on them, I will suggest 10 commandments I think every youth should know as to what being an adult involves.


1.  Your life is your responsibility:

The moment you have resolved within yourself that the decision you take is yours to bear and no one else’s, you have made the first transition into adulthood. The advice of elders is important, they are the foundation on which right decisions are made. The other side is that ultimately, one’s life rests on one’s decisions. You are a free agent who can choose, the one limit (amidst others) you have is fear. Your parents may force you to take a university programme but not to read it; they may advise you against pre-marital sex, your sexuality will fight it; they will show you how they spend money, not the temptation you fight when with it. Everyone has their path in life, yours is your duty.

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2. Nothing goes for free ever

If it exists, it is either caused or self-existent. If you enjoy it, someone worked for it. Your education, social class and lifestyle costs money, someone pays for it. Even if manna falls from heaven as it did the Israelites, there is an exactment in that they had to only take their fill (Exodus 16:15-20). The only thing that costs nothing is nothing. If there is something, time and effort has to be put into it. If someone helps you out of the goodness of their heart, never you take it for granted and know that one day you may have to repay them. When you start thinking in terms of money and the cost of what you are getting then you are starting to think responsibly. In this case, financially responsible.


3. There are always emergencies

It doesn’t have to be a life-threatening illness or a sudden death. Problems crop up unexpectedly from somewhere, often times, from the little things you overlook. These sorts of things need to be planned for in advance. There should be an emergency fund one has that would act as a buffer against it all. It has helped me personally. A good idea would be to have people who you can trust will help you in such times.


4. Success requires discipline and Self-control.

A rare thing to find these days when our senses are assaulted with so many goods. Sure, you might point at people who sit on considerable inherited wealth and a few fools who escaped with ill-gotten wealth, sometimes by a stroke of luck; but that doesn’t change the fact. Virtually everytime success is attained someone’s discipline was involved in producing that wealth.  Consistency in practicing self-control helps one develop, but to attain a decent level of success in life you will need the internal drive to stay your primal urges like those of anger, lust, and laziness. Never forget this as an adult, discipline is the bedrock of success.

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5. Learn From Your Mistakes

No man knows everything. Therefore, man will make mistakes as long as there is something about which he is ignorant. What separates winners from losers is how you deal with the mistakes. Winners do not quit while losers do. If you make a mistake, for example in a business deal gone sour, find out what went wrong and take note of it so it won’t happen again. Where necessary have plans and stop measures in place for that contingency. One skill that would help to avoid mistakes is to be a good judge of character. That which you either have innately or life teaches you. Keep your mistakes firmly and mind and wear them as an armor against future misdoings.

That’s it for part one of this issue. The next issue will treat the remaining commandments one must follow. Watch out for it.

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