Your Opinions Matter.

Blaburn is like your facebook wall, your instagram stories, your whatsapp stories or anywhere else that you voice out your concern about any news headline. Except that we have the  potential to reach over 10,000 fans.

We amplify your voice, and give our community something to think about and discuss.

Write for Blaburn

Help to Spread “Attractive news”

Are you savy with social media? We are looking for people to create, manage, and engage with our community accross several social media platform. You have full creative freedom to promote our mission, and grow our communities.

Social media managers

Graphics Designer/Cartoonist

If you are skilled at creating compelling and cool graphics, we need you at Blaburn. Our range of grahic needs include photo editings, simple cartoon/caricature drawings, occassional brand design retouches.

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SEO & Marketing experts

Can you help get our content to the front pages of google and bing search? Can you optimize our ad placements or gather new contacts for advertising? Can you turn blaburn into a big media brand? If yes, you’re welcome to apply

SEO experts & Marketers

Working @ Blaburn

We are 100% virtual  joining global giants like Buffer, and Basecamp.

Our work mantra is all about getting your job done on at you own convenience. How, or where you work is completely up to you as long as you put your best work forward, and meet up with every deadline.

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