Dunkirk; Movie Of The Year?


Elite film aggregator sites, critics, moviegoers all can’t seem to stop talking about this one movie, Dunkirk. Universal critical acclaim was always a guarantee with Chris Nolan(Inception, Interstellar, Dark Knight) in charge of the ship. However, he may have finally bested himself with this one.

When it comes to movie releases, the hot, money-crammed month of July is usually reserved for storming franchise reboots and more comic book films than you can shake a stick at. But it’s not so surprising that Dunkirk, a dark, nerve-shredding new film about British WWII soldiers staring death in the face, bows this weekend in a prime popcorn-friendly slot.  Christopher Nolan is one of the few directors who manage to make masterful creations that often break the $1 billion box office barrier. It’s a hard feat, not least for a man who pushes original ideas over mainstream conformity, and makes films that are all better for it.

Guilty as charged, I have not yet watched this movie, however, the buzz has gotten me ready to relish it the first opportunity I get. A movie critics fanatic myself, I have decided to bring to your attention a few brief reviews of this worthy picture.

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Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan – Jul 20, 2017

The surpassing accomplishment of Dunkirk is to make us feel an almost literal fusion with its story. It’s not so much that we’ve seen a splendid movie, though we have, but as if we’ve been taken inside a historic event, become wholly immersed in something real and alive

Rolling Stone Peter Travers – Jul 18, 2017

Dunkirk is a landmark with the resonant force of an enduring screen classic.

The Guardian Peter Bradshaw – Jul 17, 2017

This is a powerful, superbly crafted film with a story to tell, avoiding war porn in favor of something desolate and apocalyptic, a beachscape of shame, littered with soldiers zombified with defeat, a grimly male world with hardly any women on screen. It is Nolan’s best film so far.

Wall Street Journal Joe Morgenstern – Jul 19, 2017

In Dunkirk, an astonishing evocation of a crucial event during the first year of World War II, Christopher Nolan has created something new in the annals of war films—an intimate epic.

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IGN Daniel Krupa – Jul 17, 2017

Dunkirk is a monumental, unconventional, and frequently stunning war movie.

Philadelphia Daily NewsGary Thompson – Jul 18, 2017

Nolan fractures the narrative so that it loops back on itself — we see the events from the perspective of different characters and from different chronological vantage points, though the story coheres by movie’s end.

IMDb – 8.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 92%

Metacritic – 96%

Hey, maybe they are wrong? One way to find out, go watch it!

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