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If you’re tired of seeing any one of these things:

  • Bogus headlines that have no relationship with actual content.
  • Outright lies a.k.a “Fake news”
  • Old stories with new dates.
  • A little bit of everything (and most of nothing).
  • Same Headlines across 100s of websites

Welcome to Blaburn. We create simple op-eds of the news so that you don’t have to read 20 articles to find one important information.  And when you read that one “information”, you totally understand what it means for you.

This is our mission @ Blaburn.  To cut through the noise, and break down the news to What, How and Why it matters to you.

Our story

Blaburn has continuously evolved, in search of building the perfect,  (okay… the relatable) media experience for everyone to be informed.

We have always stayed true to our mantra to make the news less boring, and easier to read for Nigerian millennials with shorter attention span and more likening of graphic content. We believe context is very important to every story, and we write very short opinions to provide context.
Context = Better Understanding
Context = Formulating your own opinions
Context = Better Media experience

Since the turn of this year, we have learned more and more about how  Facebook collects all our personal information – how you talk, your political and religious views, what you eat, your best friends, and even private photos in your phone that are not uploaded to the app yet. We didn’t care or rather WE DIDN’T KNOW.  So while the EU and USA took steps to properly protect the privacy of their citizens, we were stuck in a transmission – transfusion frequency.

Do you want to know about Lagos pollution? Or whether you deserve any accolades? Follow the Game of thrones  Aso Rock? And experience how Nigeria decides 2019? Or even peek into Davido vs Wizkid and other celebrity-style battles? Whatever the story, we have our noses in it.

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